Ron Marelli
Producer from "Steve's Catch"
"Working with Romualdo has really been a partnership throughout this entire project. He is both an extremely passionate director and artist. It’s been my privilege to work with him on this project and I am looking forward to seeing the final project."
Austen Marr
Visual Development from "Steve's Catch"
"Working with Romualdo was easy and it was a lot of fun! He's extremely organized, very flexible, and easy to get along with. It was fun the entire time through and I always looked forward to showing Romualdo my work when it was ready to go. He's incredibly hard working, and his passion is infectious."
Tama Soeroso
Producer from "Steve's Catch"
"Working with Romualdo has been one of the best, valuable experience. He as the Director, Artist, and Creator of this episode has a really awesome work attitude. He works tirelessly to finish what he stared which really inspired me. I'm looking forward to seeing the final result of this episode."
Henry S.
Animator from "Steve's Catch"
"Working with Romualdo was a great experience. He was supportive throughout the whole process on where you wanted to take your shot, but wasn’t afraid to push you further to bring out the best for the film. Whenever I had questions he would get back to me right away every time. I would be honored to work with him again in the future."
Eunice Im
Texture Artist from "Steve's Catch"
"It was great work with Romualdo. He wrote a lot of comments on the Shotgun, and it helped me get things moving fast. The feedback was very clear and easy to understand. I'm lucky to meet him as the director of my first project. I really enjoyed Steve."
Ryan Lee
Animator from "Steve's Catch"
"Working with Romualdo was great! He had a clear vision, responded quickly and effectively to questions and shot reviews, and I also really appreciate him taking chances on me and giving me more work to help. I always had sense that Steve was being actively worked on by people who really care about it. Yeah, great directing."
Isabella Martínez Luna
Modeler from "Steve's Catch"
"Working alongside Romualdo was very nice because he is someone you can clearly communicate with and I think when it comes to feedback it was very important for us to keep updating each other. He is clear about what his vision is and shows passion in what he does."
Ryan Arnanjaya
Rigger from "Steve's Catch"
"Romualdo is a hard worker who dedicates a tremendous amount of time to finish what is needed. He is very polite, and he never forgets to reward every single artist on Steve's Catch through his passionate gratitude."
Zhaoyi Zhang
Sound FX Artist from "Steve's Catch"
"Romualdo is a responsible director. He gives the feedback timely and good to communicate."
Joohee Cho
Animator from "Steve's Catch"
"Romualdo is such a nice guy. He never push me hard, but ask me in a kind way if I forget something. And so thank you for him always respect my personal time. I was so happy to work with him!"
Chanwoo Choi
Lighting/Texture Artist from "Steve's Catch"
"Love to work with Romualdo like he work hard and when I said some problems, he listen my voice and struggle together, and fix the problems together. Also I was impressive what he always think about color collaborations."
Nate Tedesco
Score Artist from "Steve's Catch"
"Working with Romualdo has been fantastic. He is very thoughtful and encouraging. Communication and sharing ideas has been very good. I think that he give the perfect balance of direction and creative freedom."
Erin Malloy
Visual Development from "Steve's Catch"
"Working with Romualdo was fantastic! I know we didn't get to work much together because my main correspondence was with Gil, but even the first time I met you I loved that you had a vision and knew want you wanted, yet gave me the artistic freedom and met me halfway. I think thats something important for a director to have. You had faith in me, which then made me work harder for you and the project. All your feedback was great too! Like I said, there wasn't much but everything you suggested was the missing link to my work and helped immensely in the end! It was a pleasure working with him."